Join Landcare and Healesville Environment Watch Inc members to revegetate the banks of the Grace Burn, Healesville. 

Seed collecters

The Johns Hill Landcare seed collecting team - Noel Gross, Julie Thompson and Sheila Hampson - begins work in late spring and normally knocks off at the end of summer. This year they have continued through winter with a project to identify ferns and 'fern allies' (look alikes)and to collect spores. Noel, Julie and Sheila meet for coffee each Tuesday and then go on long walks to peer into the forest looking for specimens. They are working on with Michelle at the Friends of the Helmeted Honeyeater Nursery on propragating the ferns, using the knowledge of former JHLG Committee member Sue Harris. They are also developing a fern book from their extensive research. The work so far is already drawing interest from different environment groups. It is a wonderful project emanating from a group which, from sheer interest, is extending its knowledge in pursuit of propagation of indigenous species.