Our Objectives

Monbulk Landcare will meet its goals by:
1. Carrying out work ourselves every third Sunday of the month,
2. Applying for grant funding from government or other sources and use this to employ contractors to complement and extend the work of volunteers,
3. Assist private landholders with advice on how to manage the environmental weeds and how they can obtain grants for work on their land,
4. Seeking out partnerships and working cooperatively with other community groups, businesses and agencies,
5. Lobby for the appropriate reservation of public land to conserve habitat.

Our priorities are to protect and enhance existing native vegetation:
1. Along Moores Road, Monbulk
2. In and surrounding the Lyrebird Haunt, Upper Coonara Road, Olinda
3. Within Baynes Park, Monbulk

In the longer term we will also work in Emerald Creek and help other groups in Sassafras Creek.