Why we do this work

The group works within its capacity in areas along the Mechanics Track that have a high public visibility.

Regular maintenance is a key aspect of the group’s work, ensuring that sustained and obvious improvements are achieved.

A 90% success rate of the group’s plantings is achieved through both good site preparation and post planting care. The excellent quality of plants used by group is also a determining factor in their success.

The group is supported by Yarra Ranges Council’s Ribbons of Green program. The group’s approach to weed control involves the minimum use of herbicides. Being adjacent to the waterway, the dangers of contaminated run-off into the creek is a concern.
A recent purchase by the group is a hand removal tool specifically designed for sapling removal. Sycamore maple and holly seedlings are prevalent weeds along the Olinda Creek.

Plants are selected for food and habitat for local fauna and are treated to a soaking in seaweed solution prior to planting. The use of weed mats has been very successful in giving plantings a competitive edge.

The past drought meant the death of many trees and under-storey plants although the dead "stag" trees are vital for bird and mammal habitat.
It does mean an alteration in the light levels in the area which gives an added boost to all those invader plants so we see our work as on-going and of great importance to our local environment and celebrate the work of all the volunteers in the Landcare movement.