Yarra4Life is a collaborative environmental program that aims to improve the quality of land, water and natural habitat in the Yarra Valley and to help protect and enhance the survival of native species in the region.

The program's strength is its ability to bring a range of individuals, groups and organisations together to deliver programs that make tangible environmental improvements, and encourage and educate individuals and businesses about the need to invest in improving the Yarra environment.

You've heard of speed dating..... well this is speed planting.

Landcare for Singles events provide the perfect opportunity for environmentally conscious people on the look-out for that special someone to try a new and unique form of speed dating, or in this case – speed planting. They are also a great way of attracting new volunteers to your group and spreading the word about the great work your group is doing for your local environment.

Junior Landcare is about encouraging young people to play an active role in ensuring the safe future of their environment.

Launched in May 1998, Junior Landcare recognises that the contribution of young people is vital if the land they are to inherit is to be in the best possible condition. Junior Landcare also encourages young people to develop a sense of responsibility to the land and other natural resources.